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Dog of November! 150 150 D&D Dog Dynamics

Dog of November!

Dog of November


Macy is the sweetest girl on the block! She absolutely loves everyone she meets and can never get enough of playing while she is here. She plays so well with every dog she meets. When playtime is over, she is also a fan of taking a snooze on the couch, and it’s even better if there is a human to cuddle with during that time.  She stole all of our hearts as well. Every time we have the pleasure of having Miss Macy here it is a good day. She likes to spend time with us while her parents are working hard! Macy is also a basic obedience graduate from our classes this summer and she passed with flying colors! We are so grateful to have her as a part of the D&D Dog Dynamics family and we are excited for many more fun times. Thank you Macy for choosing us as your second family, we all love you! 

Dog of October… PAW! 150 150 D&D Dog Dynamics

Dog of October… PAW!

Owner, Dave Johnson: 482 362 D&D Dog Dynamics

Owner, Dave Johnson:

In regards to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), I want to reassure all clients and employees that this kennel is one of the safest places in the world to be at this time. Due to the exceptionally high quality air system we use in this building (PetAirapy), all are breathing the best air possible. PetAirapy is an air purification system that uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of all airborne pathogens. There is no need for anyone to worry that their dog or any kennel employee will share this virus. I have always prided myself in taking precautions, while keeping clients, employees, and dogs safe. By having already installed PetAirapy in 2019, D&D Dog Dynamics’ kennel is ahead of the game with this outbreak. I hope this message brings much reassurance during this uncertain time.

March 13, 2020

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Dave Johnson volunteers weekly to help the dogs at the Delta Animal Shelter.  Dave volunteers his time and talents both at the animal shelter working on basic obedience and as part of the DAWGZ ADAPT inmate dog training program where he helps teach training techniques.  His methods of training have saved numerous dogs across the entire UP.

One dog in particular was Apollo, a dog brought to the shelter that was caged his whole life and scared of human touch.  Untouchable and considered vicious, Dave sat with this little Jack Russel terrier and over much time, taught him to trust, taught himself confidence and taught him to enjoy human touch.   He worked on basic obedience, walking on lead and trusting all humans that he met.  Without Dave’s training, chances for Apollo were slim, but we are happy to say Apollo is now adopted and loving his humans and life- he loves belly rubs and sleeping on a couch. 

Dave understands dogs and can really tackle any issue a dog has.  We are thankful he devotes his time and training to help shelter dogs become the best dog they can be.

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Dave with D&D Dog Dynamics is the only person I would want training my dog!  After he first trained my “un-trainable” Pomeranian I was convinced!   Then, when I fostered a dog from the Delta Animal Shelter who I would end up adopting and after need some special training so she could become Mid Pen Schools reading therapy dog, I knew who to call,  Dave and D&D Dynammics!  Dave came out, met Charlie, saw the potential she had and agreed to work with us right at the school!  Not only has Dave trained Charlie to be the best dog she can be, he has also taught me how to be a better handler and dog mom! Dave was also great with the many students we encountered while training, taking the time to explain to kids what he was doing, why he was doing it, and sometimes even using the students as part of the training which the kids loved!  I can’t thank Dave enough for such a positive and rewarding experience!
Mandi Lippens
Title 1 Intervention
Mid Peninsula School
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Emmett came to the shelter in February of 2014. He was sent to Bay Vet to be neutered, because we didn’t have our own surgery room at the shelter yet. Dr. Sue had lost her dog J.J. six months prior, and was feeling that empty hole in her heart very keenly, when this timid little ball of fur with big sad eyes grabbed her by the heart. He never went back to the shelter. When he first came to us he always looked so sad that he was named after the clown, Emmett Kelly. Emmett had some behavior issues, mostly due to insecurities, that Dr. Sue was unable to help him with on her own. She enlisted the help of Dave Johnson, who taught her how to make Emmett into a happy, more secure dog. He still has his baggage, and doesn’t do well in large groups of strangers which is why he isn’t here tonight. But he’s at Bay Vet every day, and has become the office’s “Walmart Greeter”. We love Emmett, and are so happy to have seen him blossom!

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New Training Location & Classes

New! Additional Training Location in Gladstone

D and D Dog Dynamics is pleased to announce a new TRAINING location!  Basic Obedience, Kids’ Class, Agility and Advanced Obedience will be offered at  919 Delta Ave. in Gladstone. Call to sign up or for more info 906-280-5235

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience will start Monday January 27. This course is 6 weeks long and runs from 6 pm – 7 pm. You will learn how to train your dog. Including: leash control, recall, stay, down commands and dog socialization. You will become a pack leader by the end of the session!

Advanced Obedience

Kiss your leash goodbye! Advanced Obedience will be on Tuesdays starting January 28th. This intensive course runs for 5 weeks and is from 6 pm -7 pm. You must have completed Basic Obedience before taking this course.

Introduction to Agility

Coming this February: Introduction to Agility class for those that want to get involved in this with their pups! Increase your dog’s confidence, learn the basic equipment and get exposure to the agility course. This course does require Basic Obedience as a prerequisite.

Kids’ Class

Our Kids’ Class begins Saturday February 1st from 10 am – 11 am and lasts 4 weeks. This is a great class for kids to learn dog safety and hands on work with their dog!

NoseWork for Fun or Competition

Work with your dog and learn techniques and discover the 5 basic scents required in competition. Your dog will also learn handler discrimination, interior and exterior scent detection, including vehicles and boxes, and buried items.

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Buddy came to us with a lot of jumping and biting issues. He would start playing and it would escalate. Dave worked with Buddy and we saw remarkable improvements right away. With Dave’s help, Buddy was able to quickly overcome his escalation of biting and jumping and has turned into a great family companion. A great big shout out to Dave and D & D Dog Dynamics. Excellent trainer, exhibiting quick results!