Private Lessons

Lessons in Your Home , One on One

Private Lessons

Where better to work on your dog’s problematic behaviors than in your home, where the behaviors are? Willing to work with all dogs of any age and breed, our trainers will come to your house to teach you and your dog basic obedience. We will give you the tools you need to curb and eliminate the nuisance behaviors you are experiencing! We train you how to train your dog to ensure you’re left with a happy, healthy dog and a great bond.


We will set you and your dog up for success, giving you the tools you need to properly communicate with your furry family what it is you expect from him. We will teach you how to work all of the basic commands: proper Leash Control, Sit, Recall, Down and more.


We can assist you in curbing, solving and eliminating the problematic behaviors your dog may be exhibiting. With everything from jumping, nuisance barking, or bolting to the things as serious as fear aggression, prey drive and reactiveness, we can get you set up with a proper training and management plan to get your dog back in check.


If you’re wanting to have your dog work as a Therapy Animal or as your own, personal Service Dog we can help! We can help you with the training and socialization to equip you and your dog to pass your certifying test.

For further definitions, rights, and responsibilities of Therapy and Service Dogs visit ADATA.ORG at the link below