Dog Pawtraits

Welcome to a brand new concept for D&D Dog Dynamics!

How it works

A few days each month, our photographer will stop in to visit with and photograph your dogs, while they spend the day at the D&D kennel. Once the gallery is live, you’ll receive a link in an email. You’ll be able to see all the “pawtraits” from the day, share with family and friends, and order of print of your furry BFF!

Click here to visit our Pawtrait-Gallery website

Upcoming Pawtrait Days

Please check back soon for May dates!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the photos cost?

We offer a range of sizes and options, from standard prints, to canvas, framed images, and metal prints. Please visit our Pawtrait-Gallery website to see the options and price ranges.

My dog was at daycare that day, but I don’t see their picture.

We try to photograph each dog on the scheduled days, but sometimes the camera and lights can be a unique experience. Our top priority is that your dog has a safe, comfortable, and positive experience at the kennel. In the event they are nervous around the photo equipment, they may not be photographed that day.

Can I get pawtraits of my dog if they don’t go to daycare?

Absolutely! The D&D Pawtraits are a brand new concept, and it will continue to grow over the next few months. Coming soon, we will have the option to book individual mini-sessions at our training center.

How long will the galleries be accessible?

Each of the galleries will always be accessible through our pawtrait website.