Training Services

Group Classes

Basic Obedience

Our beginner course is perfect for your new puppy or any dog experiencing training for the first time. You and your dog will work alongside other handler-dog teams to learn the foundations of obedience and good manners.


The follow up to our basic class. You’ll work as a team to build a stronger relationship and grow your dog’s skillsets. In our advanced group classes we’ll strengthen your dog’s confidence, teach you, the handler, how to become an even more trusted pack-leader, and ultimately become leash-free.

One-On-One Sessions

We understand that some dog owners prefer individual training. Sometimes behavioral situations or an overly rambunctious dog can benefit from a more personalized approach. Our one-on-one training sessions are custom-tailored to you and your dog. It could be anything from counter-surfing or pulling on walks, to dog-aggression or fear of strangers. We’ll diagnose and create a customized training plan to build your dog’s comfortability and confidence, all while reinforcing proper behavior and obedience.

At our training center or at your home.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Transportation issues, scheduling, or even a nervous dog can make it difficult to get to our training center. If at-home training is the best choice for you, please let us know and we can schedule a session that fits your needs.

Specialty Dog Training

Service & Therapy Dog Training

Service dog: A dog trained to perform tasks for a single person with a disability.
Therapy dog: A dog trained to provide affection and comfort to people in group settings such as hospitals/VA, nursing homes, recovery groups, and schools.

In addition to training, we evaluate to determine if your dog has the proper temperament for service or therapy work, educate you of the laws and rights regarding service and therapy dogs, assist with therapy dog organization registration, and provide evaluation and testing for therapy dog certifications.

Service and therapy training include:

  • Basic and advanced obedience training
  • Public access training
  • Service task training
  • Therapy visit training

​For definitions, rights, and responsibilities of Therapy and Service Dogs visit ADATA.ORG

Hunt Dog Training

Upland Game Training
Whether your dog is a flusher or a pointer, we will hone it’s skills to be a better dog for you in the field.
From the hard singles to the complicated blind retrieves we all encounter while waterfowl hunting, we will keep your dog steady on the shot and safe in all your hunting styles.

Combine the upland with waterfowl training to make your dog the most well-rounded hunting partner you have ever known.

Nosework classes for UKC and AKC competitions

Upper Peninsula Dynamic Dogs is a local extracurricular sport-dog training club, hosting classes at our Gladstone training center. To learn more and sign up for sport dog training, please click here to visit their website.