• January 15, 2020



Remy 1024 777 D&D Dog Dynamics

I first started working with Dave about 2 years ago. Since that time I have been nothing but impressed with the training he does with dogs.  He strives to make each and every dog he works with successful. He does this by treating the dogs like they are his own.  For my dogs, it was no different.  I first called on Dave to help me with my three year old Golden Retriever, named Remy. Remy has a lot of issues with fears. My friend, Jean referred me to Dave and I have no regrets for taking that advice.  Remy’s fears are not of people, but stem out to things like: Other dogs, unfamiliar objects, noises, and movements.  He also had a fear food aggression toward my other dogs.  First off, Dave helped me address the food aggression issue.  He showed my husband Tom and I how to react to the issue and what to do to stop any additional incidents.  We did our homework on this, and I am so proud to say that we have had total success for 2 years!  I decided to put Remy in both of Dave’s obedience classes, the beginner and the advanced.  Working with Dave and the other dogs and owners was just totally awesome for helping Remy deal with other dogs.  It was amazing to see Remy sitting right next to other dogs on the last day of class. The greatest part is I told him to stay next to those dogs and I walked away.  I was so proud!  It was such a great experience, I decided to put my Labrador, Harley through the class as well.  That too was very successful!

 Another issue I had with Remy had to deal with Agility.  I compete in UKC Agility with both Remy and Harley.  He was afraid of the teeter totter.  This piece of agility equipment is required in the entry level, so without it, we were not going to be able to do agility competitions.  I tried for over 3 years with no success. Dave was very happy to help!  What happened next was totally amazing.  Dave worked with Remy for about 15 minutes, and I could not believe at the end of that 15 minutes, Remy was walking on the teeter at its lowest level.  Dave continued to coach me, I followed his instructions, and 3 months later Remy was doing the teeter safely on his own!!  He likes the teeter today!!  We currently have two UKC Agility Titles.

Dave also helped me with both of my dogs doing Nosework. Dave has a great background in training search dogs. In nosework we search for scents.  I had already passed the easier entries levels in nosework with my dog Harley.  I was now up to the difficult, much more challenging levels, and I felt like I hit a brick wall.  Dave worked with me beginning with training me on how scent works all the way up to challenging searches, with high hides and tougher locations.  Every single search had a lesson to be learned!  We became a much better nosework team than I could have ever imagined.  In October, Harley earned the top nosework title, Elite Nosework!!!  Huge thank to Dave for his part on that!

Dave is just a great trainer.  But what makes him even better is he treats everyone with respect, he avoids turning dogs down and tries his best to address every issue.  He puts his whole heart into his work!  I believe nobody loves dogs more than Dave.  I am happy to be able to call him my friend. Hats off to Dave!  Keep up the great work!!!  Dogs Rule!

Colleen Owens, Proud Dog Owner