Well Trained Dogs and The People Who Love Them

At Home

Our trainers will come to your home, where you and your dog are most comfortable, to not only teach BOTH of you the basics of obedience, but to work on any problem behaviors you may be having and beyond! We train you how to train your dog to ensure you’re left with a happy, healthy dog and a great bond.

Basic Obedience

We will set you and your dog up for success, giving you the tools you need to properly communicate with your dog what it is you expect from him. We’ll teach you how to work all the basic commands: proper Leash Control, Sit, Recall, Down, and more!

Problem Behaviors

We can assist you in curbing, solving and eliminating the problematic behaviors your dog may develop, everything from jumping, nuisance barking, even aggression.

Gladstone Training Center

D and D Dog Dynamics is pleased to announce a new training location! Basic Obedience, Kids’ Class, Agility and Advanced Obedience and more will be offered at 919 Delta Ave. in Gladstone. Call to sign up or for more info 906-280-5235

Expert Trainer, Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson has been training dogs since 2000. He received education at Von Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana and was a K-9 police officer for 9 years (Orax and Dag) and is currently a Deputy for Alger County.  Dave’s philosophy is to train with positive reinforcement.

Therapy & Service Dogs

If you’re looking to have your dog work as a Therapy Animal or as your own, personal Service Dog we can help!

For further definitions, rights, and responsibilities of Therapy and Service Dogs visit ADATA.ORG at the link below.

Hunting Dog Training

Upland Game Training

Whether your dog is a flusher or a pointer, we will hone it’s skills to be a better dog for you in the field.


From the hard singles to the complicated blind retrieves we all encounter while waterfowl hunting, we will keep your dog steady on the shot and safe in all your hunting styles.

Combine the upland with waterfowl training to make your dog the most well rounded hunting partner you have ever known.

Call us for pricing and further details on Hunting Dog Training.