• November 5, 2020

Dog of November!

Dog of November!

Dog of November! 150 150 D&D Dog Dynamics

Dog of November


Macy is the sweetest girl on the block! She absolutely loves everyone she meets and can never get enough of playing while she is here. She plays so well with every dog she meets. When playtime is over, she is also a fan of taking a snooze on the couch, and it’s even better if there is a human to cuddle with during that time.  She stole all of our hearts as well. Every time we have the pleasure of having Miss Macy here it is a good day. She likes to spend time with us while her parents are working hard! Macy is also a basic obedience graduate from our classes this summer and she passed with flying colors! We are so grateful to have her as a part of the D&D Dog Dynamics family and we are excited for many more fun times. Thank you Macy for choosing us as your second family, we all love you!