New Clients


The following list of vaccines are required for all dogs enrolled in daycare, lodging, or training services.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper / Parvovirus (DHPP)
  • Bordetella

Vaccine documentation can be brought to our kennel during normal hours (7am-7pm, Mon-Sun) or the can be sent directly from your veterinarian’s office.

Free First Time Introductions

(For daycare and lodging)

To ensure the safety and comfortability of every dog at D&D Daycare, each dog is required to participate in a free scheduled introduction. You and your dog visit our kennel and our trained staff will gradually introduce your dog to our other into daycare, and exposed to a dog at a time. If all goes well, your dog is free to stay for the day (daycare services only, dependent on the comfortability of your dog). The process typically takes 30 minutes and you can watch the introduction from our lobby monitor while filling out first-time paperwork. In the event of multiple dogs, the process takes place one-dog-at-a-time.

We want all our guests to have a positive experience and this introduction process gives your dog an opportunity to get used to a new space and new friends.