Salon and Massage

…for the pampered pooch.

D&D Salon

D&D offers a full range of spa services, to keep your furry BFF looking and feeling their best.

Bath and Blowout


Nail Trim

Gland Expression

Ear Cleanining

Teeth brushing

Full Grooming

Grooming services have a limited availability, please contact us for openings

Canine Massage

For active dogs:
  • Benefits overworked and compensating muscles
  • Increases strength, endurance, and conditioning
  • Relaxes and encourages body balance
For inactive dogs:
  • Benefits their skin, coat and joint mobilization
  • Increases rate and depth of respiration
  • Increases flexibility
  • Stimulate and enhance his immune system
  • Enhances and stimulates overall health
For dogs who spend minimal time outside or exercising:
  • Increase his rate and depth of respiration
  • Increases flexibility and blood circulation

Young dogs develop and stay healthy

Senior dogs stay vital, flexible, and playful

All dogs become more healthy and balanced

Increases circulation

Helps relieve the effects of stiffness and joint discomfort

Develops and maintains muscle tone

Helps dog rehabilitate after surgeries and other trauma

PetMassage™ training and research Institute

Please note that PetMassage™ does not include: 
  • Deep tissue work or extremes of joint movement
  • We do not diagnose or treat specific disorders, or prescribe any medications

Always check with your veterinarian before scheduling massages to see if there are areas of your dog needing extra attention or areas where a massage should be avoided.